I speak two languages

sunset in Bassano del Grappa

Last year I invited the Choreoroamers to do the exercises of translation, a creative transfer exercise. This year I narrowed down this proposal to the written transfer or translation of their own work and of the works they see during B motion.To deal with the sketches they presented during the sharing, I gave them some titles or themes, as a starting point. They are allowed to contradict these themes and to write in the form and genre they prefer to convey their idea. They can also write in their own mothertongue and they can choose whether to share their writing with the blog readers or not.

It is definitely not an easy job, basing on the assumption that dance is also a language and on the attempt to translate it into another language, the written form.

While we were talking about this, Eva quoted Mae West, “I speak two languages, body and English”. To which extent are these two languages mutually translatable? How can the verbal form be an expression of a performing art?

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