A meeting with Alessandro Sciarroni

During our daily meeting at 4, yesterday we invited Alessandro Sciarroni to join us for a chat on the works he has presented this week in Bassano, Folk-S and Joseph.

Issues such as endurance and representation came up, as Alessandro also told us about the process. We talked about how the context can inform the content of a work, how the feedback from the audience can sometimes provide suitable suggestions for the development of a piece.

Folk-S is the metaphor for the creation of a group, and its first core was created during Choreoroam 2011. Three of Folk-S performers had been Choreoroamers 2011 (Marco D’Agostin, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld and Alessandro Sciarroni himself) and one had been Choreoroamer 2010 (Francesca Foscarini). How do group dynamics work within Choreoroam? What do these groups, different every year, have in common when it comes to actually becoming a cohesive group?


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