The involved choreographers in the edition 2011 are: Marco D’Agostin (IT), Alessandro Sciarroni (EN), Janet Rodriguez Novas (ES), Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld (ES), Marjana Krajac (HR), Giulio D’Anna (NL) Soosan Gilson (NL), Deborah Light (UK), Moreno Solinas (UK), young writers and visual artists document the process of creation, in Italy they are joined by the writer Giulia Galvan and film-maker Alessandro Lazzarin . During all the residences the  international group of participants is followed by Rosemary Butcher, British choreographer who heads the artists enacting the international route. During the first residency of the project in Bassano del Grappa, the group followed an intensive workshop led by  Guy Cools.

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