Moreno Solinas on “Ryan” by and with Rachel Krische and Oliver Bray

[after the accident]

P: Is it part of the show?

M: I don’t think it is…

P: Of course it’s part of the show!

M: Mmm, maybe, I don’t know.

P: I bet an ice cream she didn’t hurt herself for real.

M: I bet she did hurt herself.

Announcement: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately the dancer hurt herself and won’t be able to continue the performance. Please, remain sitting in the auditorium while they bring her out and we’ll keep going with the next performance in about ten minutes.’

P: The woman making the announcement was smiling…I’m sure the dancer will come out now!

M: Mmm…

P: If she had hurt herself why would we be still sitting in the auditorium? They would just let us out.

M: C’mon, they need to bring her to the hospital. If we all stand up now they’ll have to bring her though a crowd of people staring at her.


We start from the assumption that if a performer dies on stage as part of a show, he or she doesn’t die for real. If someone is beaten up on stage, they will be fine in the end. Catharsis needs an edge of reassurance.

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