Sharing day

Today at 3 pm, at the CSC Garage Nardini in Via Torino, Bassano del Grappa, the Choreoroamers will share the research they have developed during their Bassano residency.

The sharing is open to the public, and the admission is free. Needless to say, this is neither a formal show, nor a finished product, but a moment in which the choreographers generously reveal what they have been engaged with.

At the end of the showing the audience will be able to talk with the choreographers, provide them with some feedback and ask them questions, for example about the journey that brought them there.

Or maybe the Choreoroamers themselves will ask questions to the audience…

Get prepared for Giorgia Nardin, Tommaso Monza, Marina Mascarell, Rut Balbis, Irena Mikec, Eva Maria Kupfer, Loic Perela and Amy Bell!



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