Notes from a workshop

On the first week the Choreoroamers attended a workshop led by Yasmeen Godder and Itzik Giuli.

Starting from written tasks, they were accompanied towards a physical work. The choreographers were encouraged to also resort to their voice.

The new tasks involved letting the contradictions get out, the criticalities, the opposite of the feeling they had about the picture they had chosen at Palazzo Grimani. Then, they would go back to the originary point of view, mix both states and see what happens.

During the morning warming up Yasmeen guided the Choreoroamers to get in contact with their instincts, then to connect to one instinct and finally to empty it. The idea was to only leave the skin of the material: what they leave is an empty vessel, so they would re-enter it and fill it with a new awareness.

Then they related to the monologue task, which they instinctively started to physicalise. I was intrigued by the way they were led to go from the written texts to developing the movement material and Yasmeen explained how they worked with the memory of what they had written, playing with opposite feelings. One of the exercises they did was picking four words out of their text and processing them physically.

Itzik told me the use of voice helped the choreographers to create a new dimension and commitment, as well as a different energy, a kind of driving force towards physicality. While moving, they would have a constant inner monologue, which helped them being more specific about where they were, and express what they felt in that very moment.

The re-processing of the material goes through four rooms, symbolically dividing the space and matching four different movement qualities or states of mind. If the choreographers feel they are too stuck in a room, they can go to another room or contradict the energy within the same room.

The basic idea is to break up a set, a phrase, in order to obtain a multi-layered expression, a different approach – different modes of energy, different modes of expression. They had to work with the skeleton of their material. Once they emptied it, they could work with the residue of it.

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