Choreoroam Europe 2012 has arrived in Italy

After the Rotterdam and the Zagreb residency, Choreoroam Europe has arrived in Italy!

The first official meeting was in Venice, at the Palazzo Grimani, to visit the works exhibited in the palace and especially the Visions of the Hereafter by Hieronymus Bosch. A guide of the museum provided context about the setting of this artwork and some fundamental references and possible interpretations about this still mysterious polyptich.

The mentors of this week’s workshop within the Choreoroam Europe framework are Yasmeen Godder and Itzik Giuli, who gave the Choreoroamers a series of tasks focusing on a personal reprocessing of one chosen work.

“Pick a work in the museum, something which stimulates you, and:

1 write freely about the piece

2 write from the point of view of the picture, as if it were an identity and it were speaking, as if it had a voice

3 write about something hidden, unseen, contradictory in the picture, i.e. something you see, but which is not there

4 think of the picture as one past life of yours; invent three more past lives/identities which may be connected, or even disconnected

5 write about the picture as if it were your only expression in the world, as if you made it or if it were you; something about its details, its colours, its composition

The general idea is to narrow down the energy, the voice, to one thing.”

It goes from sensual to spiritual: I had the feeling we could compare this process to the energy in the panel of the Ascent into the Empyreon, one of the parts of Bosch’s Visions of the Hereafter.

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