A couple of questions to Deborah Light

We could compare Choreoroam to a journey, and it is indeed a journey, artistically and physically. How has this journey started for you, who are your colleagues, what kind of relationship can you already trace, what kind of inputs do you consider most valuable, so far?

I think it started with a lot of questions. The question which has resonated most for me is the question on identity and how much of identity with bring to our work and how. How we construct our identity, and here in particular, I have been thinking a lot about how my identity has changed, or has been contaminated by new environments, by new people, by new influences. It’s the question of how we reconstruct ourselves all the time. Now a big question is: how can those ideas become the form of work, for practice, so they’re not just a subject, but can I transform them into form? This is where I am now.

Choreoroam is also about going beyond one’s comfort zone. How do you feel about this challenge?

I think it’s a great opportunity to watch outside what we know, to be reconstructed in a way but then at the same time I had the feeling I was moving, I was doing, so I had the feeling I can’t escape me. I’m still the same. Something changes, something stays the same.

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