A couple of questions to Alessandro Sciarroni

How do you feel about sharing this experience, this journey, being in the trenches together?

I am quite happy about this because it seems to me that all of us is getting in a very similar way about this sharing and also that it’s happening in a casual way, but also in the same way for all of us, for example you can see it from the way we have used the space, on the first days we were very far, during these last days we seem to be like one, we would like to be close. And it’s quite interesting because there isn’t any kind of competition and it seems they we are really involving each other.

So you’ve managed to cooperate with the others, whom you’ve only just met, virtually.

Yes, yes, yes. Yes. It’s quite funny because in this moment I would like to start a research with a group, so it’s a beautiful opportunity for me because the group seems to be quite open and also it’s quite useful because I receive a lot from them.

How was it to work with objects so as to prepare an installation, as you’ve done today, using a different language?

I come from visual arts, so I am used to these subjects. My fascination for performance comes from the use visual artists did as performers. Practicing with objects was very nice, this morning for the first time I was feeling very tired, because we had been working very intensely, then I appreciated the fact that you don’t have to be always happy, always full of passion… if you feel that you want to use your melancholy you’re free to.

So you have a sense of freedom.


Which helps your research.

Yes, yes.

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