A shared sharing

Today, one day after the sharing at the Garage, a debriefing is held between the Choreoroamers and the representatives of the partner institutions.

This is most of all an occasion to sum up sensations, ideas which were aroused by the last ten days in Bassano del Grappa.

I feel from the participants a general calm and curiosity about what will come next. The choreographers have been confronted with the possibility of going with the flow, paving the way for a fresh approach to one’s research. They have received a lot of input, and they will be fed more in the next few days: through the B.motion festival and its collateral events, such as the “talk show” everyday at 3 pm at Palazzo Bonaguro, and the very meeting with the artists who are performing at the festival.

At such an early stage in their encounter, the Choreoroamers have already managed to trigger a fruitful group dynamics, which has led to artistic collaborations.

A common lexicon is being built within the group, as Marco D’Agostin points out. Its main words are TRUST and RISK.

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