We’ve been in the trenches together

Every morning a workshop with dramaturge Guy Cools takes place. The main topic the Choreoroam choreographers research upon at this stage is “identity”.

And much is also about collective identity, coming from shared experiences. On Wednesday, the 17th August, we go on a trip to the mountains, accompanied by the British choreographer and mentor Rosemary Butcher and by Roberto Casarotto, responsible for the International Dance Projects in Bassano (and more!).

We go first to the “Cave di Rubbio”, former quarries in the village of Rubbio, painted and re-interpreted by the local artist Toni Zarpellon. The artist suggests an animistic view of the stones, whose hidden nature he brings to life, as fantastic inhabitants of an enchanted forest.

After visiting the Cava dipinta, the Cava abitata and the Laboratorio, we set off for the mountains.  We will see trenches dating back to the first world war. Actually they weren’t even used, as Roberto tells, and yet they stay there as a memory of a past which is set in stone.

And while waiting, Janet and Giulio try out a bit of folk dance…

But the journey is not over yet.

Choreoroamer Marjana from Croatia and special guest Jacques from Triptych on their way to the mountains.

After a pleasant walk we reach 1200 metres, where, hidden in a wood, we finally see the trenches from close by. Here is Debra walking inside them.

And there is one more surprise: the soldiers had dug a tunnel through the mountain, leading to the other side. Janet, Pablo, Giulio and Moreno go down to explore it…  but understand it’s way too long and dark!

So they re-emerge from the depths. Here is Pablo with a bicycle flashlight in his mouth. Quite handy!

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