the Choreoroamers have arrived!

Choreoroam Europe 2011 has started!

This year’s Choreoroamers are:

Marco D’Agostin (it)
Alessandro Sciarroni (it)
Janet Novas Rodriguez (es)
Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld (es)
Marjana Krajac (hr)
Giulio D’Anna (nl)
Soosan Gilson (nl)
Deborah Light (uk)
Moreno Solinas (uk)

The first official meeting with all the participants took place on Sunday, 14th August, on a hot day at the Venice Biennale.

The Choreoroamers were free to set off on their journey through contemporary visual arts according to their personal timing and taste.

The Arsenale, the ancient shipyard, was the first part of the Biennale to be visited. The ones who felt they hadn’t got enough, also went to the Giardini exhibition.

This is a detail of Para-pavilion, by Song Dong, the first artwork one sees while entering the Arsenale. It is a path made of wardrobe doors, occasionally fitted with curtains and mirrors.

During the Choreoroam process, we’ll try and discover what is treasured in the Choreoroamers’ artistic lockers.

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