Hello world!

Hello! This blog will follow Choreoroam Europe 2011 – the Bassano del Grappa session.

Due to the very nature of the project, we’ll try to document the process with all the means we have at disposal. The blog will be as multifaceted as possible. Enjoy!

And now, a bit of history of Choreoroam (from the website http://www.operaestate.it).

Choreoroam is an international research project for choreographers, conceived by Operaestate Festival Veneto/CSC, together with The Place in London and Dansatelier in Rotterdam. Its first edition was held in 2008, when the British Council chose it as pilot project within the Creative Network Program. In 2009 the participating subjects’ network was opened to other European centres.

At present, the partners involved are:
-Operaestate Festival Veneto/CSC – Regione Veneto
-The Place – London
-Dansateliers – Rotterdam
-Paso a-2/Certamen Coreogràfico de Madrid
-Dance Week Festival/Zagreb Dance Center

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